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Intel Sandy Bridge Linux Graphics? It's A Challenge

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    Originally posted by crazycheese View Post
    Put that in MKV and you are set. One hard drive is worth a pile of bluerays. You can throw your purchased bluerays in trashbin then, collecting only the caselabels as proof for customs or such that you actually purchased them should you travel xross the country with your films.
    Off topic but mkvs won't support all of the menus, extras, etc at the same time, AFAIK. Also repacking to mkv is a lot of extra work for blu-ray rentals. Unfortunately windows provides a better WAF for this important format (the best quality available for premium content).


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      Originally posted by baddog View Post
      hardware accelerated video was tested here:
      So the answer is yes, quicksync does work (at least for certain video codecs).
      Thanks...missed that article.
      It also sounds like quicksync encoding doesn't work yet, but Intel is committed to adding it which is a plus :-)