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Will Intel's Sandy Bridge & P67 Play Well With Linux?

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    Ya sure, you betcha

    Originally posted by energyman View Post

    In many years I never encountered a board where the sensor chip was not supported.
    Maybe the chip is supported, but the motherboard manufacturers adhere to no standard when they hook up the voltage sensor pins. The gain factors are also totally arbitrary. There's no way to tell from the motherboard manual, which pins are hooked up to what. If you try to ask the motherboard company, everyone you talk to says that they don't have access to that kind of information. The sensor values are totally meaningless unless you can sort out all that stuff. You say "supported" and I say "that is meaningless".

    Oh and I have a really nice Pentium III SMP motherboard, it works great and it's quite fast for such an old machine. There is a Linux 2.4 driver for its sensor chip, but not a 2.6 driver.


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      most mobos display the values in the bios. With those values at hand you can easily create your own sensors.conf.


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        Honestly, I felt the article was soooo wordy that I would never read such a thing. I would love to see articles that are written with concise details at the beginning, and then extra details later if that's what people want to read.

        For example, I'd like to know what's wrong with the chipset, and or board mentioned, under Linux, and how to resolve that problem. Can I put a standalone graphics unit in, and have that work? Or will that be broken too? Are the integrated graphics the only problem? i.e. Do other components work, such as SATA and what not?

        As it is, Phoronix is not a site I would visit for finding out if a particular board is supported in Linux. I would expect to need to read for 5-6 hours, on this site, to find out what I need.


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          p67 is a boring chipset, you can not use the integrated gpu. with linux onboard gfx is still not fully stable even if you use current kernel, ddx, mesa. even games like trine or the unigine engine let snb still crash. using win it is differnet, the media encoder (using media espresso) is absolutely cool if you want to recode a movie for a mobile device. i would not expect that the quality is as optimal as x264 but it is fast as hell. so if you want to use a dedicated cpu + onboard then z68 would be good or a h6x board when you get virtua for win (in case you need the encoder). p67 or z68 + k cpu are needed if you want to oc the cpu. just that pXX will not allow you to use the gpu part ever. hXX can not oc but use the gpu.