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VaAPI with Intel HD Graphics Clarkdale i3 proc not working with mplayer

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    Originally posted by gbeauche View Post
    No, why? Besides, VDPAU does not do anything like encoding.
    There isn't encoding support using vdpau/opencl yet in Linux...

    I've been advised by several experienced users on this thread previously that...
    There's areas IntelHD is lacking-in compared to nV WRT Video in Linux, & to a lesser extent vica-versa.

    I'm getting a discrete in the event that there's a few things I'm not happy with, or I can't do with IntelHD.
    It's only $80, & gaming (although still very mediocre) is light years better than IntelHD.

    Any favourite GT_430? Thank-you.


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      Finally works

      I have known that my g6950 processor does not support Intel? Clear Video HD Technology. So I do not have chanche to get on working the GPU.

      Now i have bought an i540 processor. I followed the instruction from here: , but it was unnecessary to change the two files in libva source. It works now.