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Intel Core i3 LLVMpipe Performance

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  • jakubo
    if i understand it correctly, its like this:

    mesa is the old classic linux driver (lacking performance optimisations in many cases)

    Gallium3D is a layer thats somehow pushed in between the kernel and the driver itelf, which provides some kind of environment for the specia?l gallium drivers. its an attempt to generalise graphics drivers (somehow).

    LLVMpipe is a kind of Software Rasteriser (no hardware acceleration by the GPU) which is being developed on the Gallium3D infrastructure using LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) which somehow has some pluses in Linking optimisations while compiling the driver (or even recompiling for optimisations while at play???)

    well, correct me if im wrong...

    how can it actually be that the framerate doesnt jump to twice the framerate as without HT when the HT is being reactivated? (@2.60GHz)
    is it some kind of bottleneck or overhead or is the state of the driver not as finished as it seemed to be to me?
    the game itself isnt using multiple cores i guess, but does LLVMpipe really do?

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  • AlexZaim
    Hello. Please help me understanding (i'm new to linux graphic drivers)..
    What is the difference in definitions between Mesa, Gallium & LLVMpipe. I don't understand how they relate to each other.

    Thanks in advanced!

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