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performance of Intel GMA HD (Core i3)

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  • performance of Intel GMA HD (Core i3)

    Hi all

    I'm about to buy a new laptop and I'm not sure if I should go for an integrated GPU solution (Intel GMA HD in Core i3) or for a dedicated ATI GPU (HD 4xxx). My requirements

    1) Compiz has to run absolutely flicker-free: Since Compiz is all about OpenGL, I'm a bit worried with the GMA HD.

    2) low power consumption: An integrated solution sounds like less power usage, however I don't know how sophisticated the power management on a driver level is.

    Any experience?

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    Nice to see that somebody has the same questions as I have

    In addition to the above questions I'm also very interested if anybody has experiences with dual-monitor setup with GMA HD?
    The main problem is - what is the maximum supported resolution with hardware-accelerated OpenGL? Currently I have a Radeon R300 and it has the limit of 2560x2560px with hardware acceleration, so using dualhead configuration with desktop width about 3000px forces me to disable OpenGL effects for the desktop (KWin).

    I asked the same question on intel-gfx mailing list but no one responded, so maybe here I can find somebody using this integrated graphics with dualhead setup...