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The Direction Of Intel Graphics With Fedora 13 Alpha

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    Originally posted by airlied View Post
    Here's the problem, Michael makes money from this hit-driven journalism and thats probably why he always gives his uninformed opinion in his articles. It would be nice if he could do some real journalisty stuff like fact checking and marking off pieces that are opinion pieces away from pieces that are technical.

    Like F13 Alpha benchmarks on Intel is a technical thing. You can
    report its slower and that F13 enables lots of debugging options. The statement that debug options couldn't explain the slowdown is opinion since he has zero investigation its just opinion.

    These articles then get reported elsewhere as fact, but people who believe Michael understands the problem space, which means developers have to spend time refuting this crap instead of making it faster.

    well, thanks for not freaking out, and explaining a little. but:

    if you don't like something, send him a pm or an e-mail about how to fix it so that he can provide more accurate results next time
    i'm sure he would be willing to talk about it. after all, he is running a news site. his main goal should be providing accuracy. right, michael?

    it's alot more productive to help him rather than flame him though. and wouldn't you like people to have a news site like this to go to that's a good place to find out about linux news? why not help make it a more reliable, accurate place? instead of using your keyboard to vent in the open possibly scaring away new readers.

    that being said; michael, i think you should listen to your users a little more. not just the ones that pay you.

    p.s. airlied, what i'm saying is more aimed at other phoronix users, not just yourself.