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    Performance of GMA X3000 on windows drivers version 14.25

    Google translation:
    G965: ?a diagram driver? approved yet by Intel. ?supports the numerous hardware features?. In the comparison to the old driver the values are improved around approximately 10-15%. Only Doom 3 jumps from 4 fps to 10 fps. Benchmarks in 1024x768.

    E6400, 2x 1 GiB 6400-555.

    Asrock Conroe945G-DVI / Asus P5B-VM
    3dMark 2003 Patch 350: 2101 / 1760
    3dMark 2005 V 1.2.0: 717 / 878
    UT2004 Botmatch dm-ranking: 41 / 37
    Quake 3 high detail: 139 / 107
    Doom 3 medium: 7 / 10
    Windows Vista Grafik f?r Aero: 3,2 / 3,9


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      Originally posted by colo View Post
      My Intel DG965WH (I got two of them, actually) don't run at all, because of incompatibilities between the Board's BIOS and a certain charge of MDT/MCI DDR2-SDRAM. Neither Intel, nor MDT are willing to shell out information about when or if the BIOS-fix for the widely known issue will be implemented, whilst other manufacturers provided updates to the BIOS of their boards weeks ago already.

      I'm really, really pissed by now.

      If anyone of you posting here is in the position to get to this information, I'd be glad to have it - or rather more if one could provide me with a beta-BIOS of some sort to make my damn boxes running at last (all the hardware is lying around here for 4 weeks or so now, that really is frustrating - but I can't afford new components as of now), but that'd be too cool to come true, I guess.
      I can work some sources and try to get you a Beta BIOS or at least more details when it will be released.
      Michael Larabel


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        That would be most kind. Great thanks in advance for your efforts

        German is my mother tongue, and I happen to own the PC mag they got their numbers from right now in my hands - the new drivers is said to sport features that enable "numerous hardware features". One of the users muses about how the next update may include major speed improvements as well, but on no profound basis whatsoever.

        At the time being, GMA 3000 seems to be the overall faster solution than the GMA X3000. I hope this is going to change with an upcoming release, and the X3000 still got untapped power-resources of some sort.

        On a side note, The Intel-board tested in the shootout performs incredibly well in everything concerning I/O-performance. Audio Quality is top-notch as well, at least concerning playback functionality.

        If there's anything else you'd like to have translated, feel free to ask


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          Originally posted by Michael View Post
          I can work some sources and try to get you a Beta BIOS or at least more details when it will be released.

          Did you happen to dig up some info on this already?


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            Still working on it, I'll let you know if I come up with anything. If you happen to find anything, be sure to report back.
            Michael Larabel


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              Well, today there was another BIOS update released (I check for those on a near-daily basis), and the changelog doesn't speak of anything remotely regarding memory compatibility. F*ck it, I'm going to get new DIMM right now.