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Intel Linux Graphics On Ubuntu Still Flaky

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    Pull the latest mesa git.

    It's running smooth in ut2004 now ...
    no idea why yet I haven't read the changelog.. sleep


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      I've posted my results a few pages back, just didn't mentioned them on freedesktop (I was running a full set of gtkperf tests at once)... I don't know how Michael got those results but that could be because of some update that came up in ubuntu repo's for 9.10 and Gordon couldn't replicate it. As for myself I'm runing my test's with GM965 and Arch linux with custom kernel and not with G43 and Ubuntu so first I thought that G43 was the only one affected by this regression but appearantly it wasn't either... But many of my fellow archers are having the same experience with 2.6.31 kernel, Intel gpu's runs faster and that is a fact...


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        Great improvement over 9.04

        I mean I recently switched from 9.4 to 9.10 and it was totally worth it. With 9.4 I had regular screen corruption on KDE and now 9.10 even supports desktop effects, flawlessly.

        The only complaint I have is that it doesn't support anything but the VGA output of my motherboard. So no DVI and no dual-monitor setups. That's frustrating.