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Intel To Further Collaborate With Red Hat, Canonical & SUSE For Intel-Optimized Linux Distros

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    Originally posted by You- View Post

    on linux, intel has been more than just a standup player, they have allowed everyone else to benefit off their work. they have built and propped up whole ecosystems of open software allowing their competitors an easier route onto linux.

    The Clear Linux configs and performance patches are, IMO, a tragically under utilized resource for other distros.


    They tried experimentaly things and things that would only work on specific arches etc so not always general purpose.
    Yeah but they always work on AMD, as far as I know, and many of those "experimental" patches are tested because they are in Clear Linux. Thats what makes it interesting!

    Its stuff that can't necessarily be upstreamed, but distros do not have to target anything other than an x86 level for these packages.