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Genode OS 22.11 Released With Support For Intel Gen12 Graphics, More PinePhone Work

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  • Genode OS 22.11 Released With Support For Intel Gen12 Graphics, More PinePhone Work

    Phoronix: Genode OS 22.11 Released With Support For Intel Gen12 Graphics, More PinePhone Work

    Developers behind the Genode open-source operating system framework that uses a micro-kernel design have released their v22.11 update...

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    > What's the name of the kernel? How big is it in KiB / LoC ?

    Multiple kernels are supported, including traditional L4 microkernels, the NOVA microhypervisor, seL4 (experimental), a custom microkernel specifically developed for Genode, and also Linux. The Genode-based Sculpt OS currently uses NOVA as kernel, which has around 10K source lines of code.

    > Does the mechanism for capabilities include [...]
    > What types of IPC are supported or planned [...]

    You can find these topics covered in the Genode Foundations book (in particular Chapter 3):

    > Does it include the ability of the parent proces to become a supervisor (the parent contols CPU time of the child and can read its memory)

    In principle, a parent has the authority to do so, which is sometimes useful, for example for the implementation of a debugger. In most cases, however, one tries to strictly limit the scope and complexity of parent components, the init component being the canonical example of such a parent. You may enjoy the discussion of component relationships in Section 4.7. "Component compositio‚Äčns" of the book linked above.

    > Does it include the ability of the parent process to become a service provider

    Yes. This is a pretty powerful concept as it allows for the transparent interception/virtualization of any service used by a child component.


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      Originally posted by phoronix View Post
      This is particularly good news for Genode's Sculpt OS geneal purpose operating system


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        Originally posted by xfcemint View Post
        Here is the first suggestion from me on how to improve the Genode OS Framework.

        (However simple and stopid it might sound)

        Use a sans-serif font in all of the documents. The previous century is long gone. Noobody needs to cite Aristotle anymore. It's sans everywhere: on the screen and in the books.

        You can use serif fonts for titles, as some kind of a decoration. It looks nice that way, both in books and on screen.

        Also, readability of sans serif fonts has changed. Today, most users read sans serifs faster and more easily than serifs, probably because noone reads newspapers anymore except granddads.
        Semi serif for body text. I hate fonts where the only difference between uppercase i and lowercase L is a slight difference in height (among other potential issues). Especially in technical documents.


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          Originally posted by xfcemint View Post

          Don't tell me that there is not a single sans-serif that has a different I/l
          Let's try it:
          I l - Arial
          I l - Tahoma
          I l - Verdana
          Tahoma and Verdana have serifs on those two letters, making my point.


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            Originally posted by xfcemint View Post

            Tahoma and Verdana are sans-serif fonts, making my point. That they have serifs on a few letters is irrelevant.
            Thats the definition of semi serif. Some letters have serifs, not all.


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              It looks like the font they use on their website is the only real problem. That Genode OS must be friggin' **fantastic!** !!!

              Tiny problems like these can be solved with Stylebot or similar plugins.

              Well, there is also the alternative explanation that you guys just fight about caesar's beard.


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                Originally posted by xfcemint View Post
                Hello people!
                Can I get some help from you in
                people argue agaist a microkernel with focus of traditional applications that they are faster because of the overhead of the microkernel.

                then they go and use WebAssembly Apps and Flatpak apps with all the isolation and sandboxing and virtualisation overhead ....

                with that overhead already added a microkernel would not be a big deal.
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