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Intel Releases DAOS 2.2 Distributed File-System

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    Originally posted by zexelon View Post
    Wait... arent they dumping optain??!! The first words in their documentation is "optimized for optain"....

    Always interested in seeing more development in this area but i think I will stick to Glusterfs.

    Quote: "For those users who are committed to Intel Optane Pmem, Intel still plans to release the next generation Intel Optane Pmem devices codenamed Crows Pass. Intel is committed to supporting customers and ecosystem partners and will continue to provide support for existing memory and storage products through end of life. The company will also support development of Compute Express Link (CXL) on future processors and platforms as they believe it will be the future and standard of tiered-memory solutions."

    So apparently CXL would be a successor.
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