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    Originally posted by atomsymbol
    Based on what you just wrote: you didn't study unbiased history - you studied a conspiracy theory of history and the conspiracy meme took over your mind.
    The 1st Soviet government was mostly African - all people living currently on planet Earth are most likely descendants of Homo sapiens who migrated from​ Africa roughly 70–50,000 years ago. Source:
    dude i am 38 years old and i spend 18-20 years in study history the official so called unbiased history is a complete science hoax.

    "conspiracy theory"

    this is only a "theory" for people who did not spend as much time and resources to study this for everyone who did spend the time and resources to learn this this is not a theory but a proofed fact.

    and your africa theory... the out of africa theory is science hoax... there are many other theories who all have the same or more or less truth and beside these theories non of them can be proofed.

    for your claim about africa as a root of our genes i did genetic testing and i can tell you the result is that i have near zero african genes. and this genetic testing calculated my fathers side and mothers side 10 000 years back .... its not as much as your claimed hoax 50 000 years but by genetic testing i can proof that in the last 10000 years in my gene code there is zero african genetic.

    and this is how a science hoax looks like you do advanced genetic testing on and in 10000 of years the test can calculate there is zero african DNA in my genetic but you claim i am from africa...

    Source: wikipedia .... you know that everything from google to wikipedia is a complete hoax they are the "matrix" and any real information and any real fact and real science is banned (shadow banned) delisted and derated and censored and so one.

    i tell you something about science based history study real sources have real names and real adresses and are always single persons means you have a real book/science paper from a real person with real name and real adress or else you are a naive fool who believe that wikipedia is a scientific source to study history.
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      Originally posted by atomsymbol
      You didn't post something that I could independently verify to be true. From my viewpoint, your post is just a made-up story similar to the plot of a science-fiction or fantasy movie on HBO/Netflix/etc.
      all what i pointed to is stuff people can go for themself and spend time research on the internet for themself and then they can verify it as truthfull information. but the joke is most people don't do it. i did it for more than 15+ years.

      the problem in our society is censorship if any truthfull information is subject to censorship and all mainstream websites like google and wikipedia is part of this great china style censorship then the result is the people have problems to find any truthfull information.

      so it is a little more complicated than just check the first fake-news fact-checker website on google.
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        Originally posted by atomsymbol
        Pope Gregory IX, aged at least 69 years, took Konrad's report that "... statue of a black cat came to life​ ..." seriously and decreed a bull which resulted in the killings of black cats across Europe.
        Considering the number of grammatical errors you are making in your posts posted to Phoronix forums, it might be the case that you suffer from dyslexia. Some people with dyslexia have a hindered ability to understand text and to correctly interpret data.
        yes of course i do have Dyslexia but the kind one who is coupled with very high intelligence.

        and i don't think that some grammatical error resulted in a fundamental misunderstanding.

        its more like you dislike what i say and then and only then after this you search for reasons not to be forced to question your current filter bubble bias ...

        I know what i say is outside of the Overton Window....

        and this is not some kind of grammatical error problem even if i would write perfectly i would still be outside of the window of discourse
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