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Intel Arc Graphics A750 + A770 Linux Gaming Performance

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  • Originally posted by coder View Post
    You're being too dismissive of the practical and economic challenges involved in making faster SSDs. Since this entire exchange started with PCIe 5.0 not making much practical or economic sense for consumer desktops, such concerns are very relevant.
    I would say the current AM5 plattform isn't economic for consumer desktops either.

    ​I don't believe it simply didn't occur to anyone to add more channels to their controllers.
    It has been done on the switch to PCIe 4 SSDs and therefore it will be done for PCIe 5, of that I'm sure.

    As you said, it isn't for the regular consumer. But again the whole AM5 plattform is an enthusiast only thing.


    • Originally posted by Anux View Post
      I would say the current AM5 plattform isn't economic for consumer desktops either.
      Well, yes. That's in line with my case against PCIe 5.

      Originally posted by Anux View Post
      the whole AM5 plattform is an enthusiast only thing.
      For now, it is. It needs to scale down, though. Entry-level is going to be BGA SoCs, but mid-range and slightly above needs to maintain a similar price point as before.

      I've previously called AVX-512 a trap that Intel set for AMD. AMD was wise not to walk into it, until they could do so at no major deficit. PCIe 5.0 was another trap, and AMD walked right into it. Let's hope their low-end boards are PCIe 4.0-only.
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      • Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
        Rather underwhelming, even in terms of performance-per-dollar. I'm curious how it performs with and without reBAR. Ostensibly, it seems the Linux team managed to decrease their dependency on system memory, so in theory reBAR shouldn't have a dramatic effect on performance.
        could you point to the commits or messages that indicate that?


        • I got my Intel Arc A750 a few days ago and I've been trying to get it working on Ubuntu. I think I did all the steps but the performance is bad and I'm getting crashes and glitches all over the place. I understand this is super alpha territory, but I'm hoping there is some way to fix this. You can read my review here with some details.

          My question is that I think Resizable Bar may not be working. I'm not sure if that's my problem. I tried this command from the ArchWiki.

          dmesg | grep BAR=
          That works with my AMD card on the same system and shows the full VRAM. But it displays nothing with the Intel A750. I also tried this command.

          lspci -v​
          Which shows this:

          09:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation DG2 [Arc A750] (rev 08) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])
          Subsystem: Intel Corporation Device 1021
          Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 94, IOMMU group 19
          Memory at fb000000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16M]
          Memory at fc00000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=8G]
          Expansion ROM at fc000000 [disabled] [size=2M]
          Capabilities: [40] Vendor Specific Information: Len=0c <?>
          Capabilities: [70] Express Endpoint, MSI 00
          Capabilities: [ac] MSI: Enable+ Count=1/1 Maskable+ 64bit+
          Capabilities: [d0] Power Management version 3
          Capabilities: [100] Alternative Routing-ID Interpretation (ARI)
          Capabilities: [420] Physical Resizable BAR
          Capabilities: [400] Latency Tolerance Reporting
          Kernel driver in use: i915
          Kernel modules: i915​
          That looks like it's working but the performance is still really bad. Any advice, did I do something wrong?


          • So I spent the day reinstalling Ubuntu 22.04 and following the steps from Intel's page exactly. I did not install anything else of the system.

            I did every step and verified that it was done correct and working. Everything looked good, but games were still not working. Every game I tried crash after a few seconds, and I even got locks and hangs on the desktop doing nothing. This is really bad, unfortunately. I knew there were going to be bugs and stuff, but I expected it to be at least somewhat usable. Right now it's basically not even functioning, even with Intel's special kernel and drivers. Put the Arc A750 in the closet, will wait a few months before I bother testing again.


            • Congratulations.
              BUT, as drivers updates change this results, specially AMD and Intel ones that are less mature than NVIDIA ones, if it would be possible to make an extra page with dynamic results, perhaps with the average and standard deviation of the 3 (or 30 or whatever) you choose, latest results of your open benchmark database, the knowledge will be updated. And if you add prices and online shops links with some revenue, it can help your income. Price / performance is also a great indicator, I have just bought an Intel ARC 440 16 Gb because of reviews about their latest drivers, new benchmarks, and a price (390 € in Amazon Spain vs 425€ NV XT 3060 Ti) inside my budget (~ 400 €) being on par more or less with the XT 3070 that is priced out of what I want to spend. But being times when prices change a lot, having that " (almost) REAL TIME LINUX (and WINDOWS if you want to add more data) BENCHMARK TABLE" or "DAILY or WEEKLY or MONTHLY LINUX BENCHMARK TABLES" would be one of the most visited pages of your site.

              Thanks in advance for all your future work.