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Intel Arc Graphics A750 + A770 Linux Gaming Performance

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  • Intel Arc Graphics A750 + A770 Linux Gaming Performance

    Phoronix: Intel Arc Graphics A750 + A770 Linux Gaming Performance

    Today the embargo lifts on reviews of the Intel Arc Graphics A750 and A770 graphics cards ahead of their retail availability set for next week. I've had the A750 and A770 at Phoronix the past week and today can share initial performance figures on these Intel DG2/Alchemist discrete graphics cards under Linux with their open-source driver stack.

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    i dont understand why they take so long with driver side


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      Well, price wise the RX6600 still best bang for buck overall, save 100$ at least and just overclock for the difference. At least until is clear if the performance is affected by drivers or that is actually their top.


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        Nice results for early benchmarks.
        Does anyone know what shader compiler does Iris and ANV drivers use? There's a lot of talk about LLVM and ACO on AMD side, but not on Intel side regarding their shader compiler.

        On another note, it seems Nvidia's OpenGL driver is now really not the best and most optimized GL driver as it was considered in the past, when even Iris already outperforms it.


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          Not matching 3060Ti (and in some cases not even non-Ti), a mid-range card soon to be superseded is very disappointing for me.


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            Michael, can the blue glow be turned off? I am very keen for the 770 16GB but a constant glow would be a no go, because my PC has a glass panel and is running 24/7 in the bedroom.


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              Rather underwhelming, even in terms of performance-per-dollar. I'm curious how it performs with and without reBAR. Ostensibly, it seems the Linux team managed to decrease their dependency on system memory, so in theory reBAR shouldn't have a dramatic effect on performance.


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                Seeing as the bulk of optimisation will begin now that the cards are actually ending up in systems, this seems like a very strong base to build from.

                At the moment it seems they are a genuine consideration and with driver improvements may be extremely compelling in the mid range.

                Just hope Intel stick with it and invest…


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                  Other reviews are showing a very high idle power consumption (40+ watts for the A770). It looks like it could be a fixed memory clock problem.


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                    Well, after all the bad press I've expected worse for their first gen product launch. While the product is very late and still unfinished, the architecture shows some potential which is still untapped as seen in some synthetics where they come close to the 3070. Considering that no game is really optimized for their architecture yet, the alpha/beta state of their drivers and that vkd3d-proton / dxvk might need a tweak or two, not all is lost on Intel's GPUs going forward. I also hope they are in for the long run and show improvements from here on on both the software and hardware side.
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