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Intel Publishes Xe Super Sampling "XeSS" 1.0 SDK

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  • Intel Publishes Xe Super Sampling "XeSS" 1.0 SDK

    Phoronix: Intel Publishes Xe Super Sampling "XeSS" 1.0 SDK

    Yet more news from Intel's Innovation event taking place in San Jose is the initial SDK source code availability of the much anticipated Xe Super Sampling. XeSS is Intel's alternative to AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution and NVIDIA DLSS...

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    Given what was promised, this "1.0" release amounts to a wet fart.


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      They are acting like the leader in gaming, Nvidia. I didn't expect this.


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        XeSSDemo sample already works on vkd3d-proton and radv


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          No idea about the matrix core path, but it just looks bad in SotTR on my 3060. Like some kind of terrible version of DLSS 2.


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            Another upscale technology for games?
            Ok, that's cool, the more, the merrier.
            But I wish somebody would do something simlar to MadVr for videos played on Linux too!


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              Unless AMD somehow makes FSR proprietary to their hardware, i don’t understand why waste time and effort on this and dlss.

              yes, yes, nvidiots cant accept such a concept and will claim that dlss is so superior, that fsr games looks like a 2600 game compared to a game on a 5090 super ti @16K.

              Yes, no wrong numbers, done on purpose.

              really disappointed in foss followers that turn a blind eye to nvidia lock-in tech.


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                It would be better if they make something which combines both fsr2 and xess technologies.
                Like using xess to improve upscaling quality and textures of fsr.


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                  well with that price tag i think Xess will stay in the theorical realm for a while, really 3060 performance for 320$+ when the RX 6600 goes around 230$ new and is like 90% of the performance.

                  The only reason it would make sense is if somehow the arc 770 raytracing performance is out of this world and i mean better than ampere good to make sense taking the risk when you can go with nvidia for few bucks more that is battle tested or even a next tier with RX 67 series for like 50$ more


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                    Originally posted by mbriar View Post
                    XeSSDemo sample already works on vkd3d-proton and radv
                    I wonder whether Intel may use it to make a Linux native version....