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Intel Becomes First Major Corporate Backer To Krita Open-Source Digital Painting Program

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    Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
    Valve is already a backer:
    Perhaps they're not just simply throwing money at the project but honestly, I think I'd prefer their approach of adding developers. It's not like the existing KDE devs don't have enough on their plate; paying them more (while deserved) isn't going to make them work faster/better. We've witnessed how much KDE has improved the past couple of years, and I think Valve contributing work has a lot to do with it.
    I don't care whether they add money, devs or better marketing. Anything that'll help Linux and KDE progress is good help.


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      Originally posted by Quackdoc View Post

      I doubt it, clip is simply next level for an art program, it will be a long time before krita, or really any art program can rival clip in any meaningful way. it's not even just feature parity that is the issue. as clip as a great many features beneficial to many folk, but the community clip has built up. CLip is truly unparalleled in terms of an art program. Though, I do have high hopes for kirita. I don't think those hopes will be fulfilled anytime soon
      I don't know what Clip is, but Krita is used in a growing number of schools. And a number of artists have also picked up Krita to do serious work. So it's actually being exposed to a broad audience already.


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        Originally posted by Vistaus View Post

        I don't know what Clip is, but Krita is used in a growing number of schools. And a number of artists have also picked up Krita to do serious work. So it's actually being exposed to a broad audience already.
        clip is pretty much the go to illustration and even design for many. it's quite literally on another level compared to all the other art programs.

        it's not something all artists go to. but if you're feeling held back by a program, you upgrade to clip


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          Some fantastic things that can be done with Krita:


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            Originally posted by Aeder View Post
            I wonder if the people behind Clip Art Studio are truly worried now. Once an open source project picks up steam, it's a lot harder to compete with it.
            No, the ones who would sweat if krita really takes off is Corel, they're the most direct competitor with krita in that sense. Photoshop doens't need to be worried because it's image manipualtion tech is superior to Krita's and that doesn't seem like it'll change, Clip Studio is highly optimized for drawing comics and manga, it's one of the best software around for that, Krita can't really compete even if it does dabble a bit in this.

            I don't really believe in it though, the performance of krita is pure fucking garbage, I've complained about it for like 10 years and the devs seem unenthusiastic about improving this, for a roughly similar timeframe i've been complaining about a graphical glitch that affects all transparent brushes in the brush engine (basically the most important tool in the entire software if they really mean that they're a painting software first)

            Devs didn't seem to give a flying fuck, despite the fact that this completely excludes cleaner (more digital looking) painting styles from krita (it's literally impossible to do because of this rendering glitch)

            Getting a lot of money from intel... I mean I hope that'll light a fire under their ass to atl east fix the performance, but it's a moot point if their brush engine is broken at it's core and they don't care to fix it.

            I've ocmpletely lost faith in the Krita devs years ago because of this shit. I check every now and then if the performance is acceptably good yet, or if this rendering glitch is fixed, but the answer is always a resounding "no".

            I'd be willing to cut them some slack if it was just a year or two, but it's been like 10...

            It was my primary painting software for a year or two before that rendering glitch turned me away. There's a 'workaround' for it which is painting in 16bit or higher mode instead of 8 bit; but that exacerbates the performance issues of the program so it's not really a solution.


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              Originally posted by cl333r View Post
              And Qt is still much better and professional than GTK.
              is it about beeing better and more professional ? i don't think so.

              to have peace in the meaning of avoid patent law and copyright law and also CLA law is in fact professional.

              no matter whaŧ Qt makes or not make as soon as you have CLA war its over.

              in the pasŧ i switched from KDE to Gnome3+ because of CLA-WAR-..-.- i used KDE for like 18 years.
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