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Ubuntu Intel Performance Still In Bad Shape

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    Here's my results vs the ones in this news post using 2.7.1rc1 drivers because I think its fairer to compare exa vs exa and I dont see ubuntu moving to the UXA only 2.8 series drivers anytime soon with all of the problems it has.. Our hardware is basically the same, only I have 512mb ram more. Also I'm using mesa 7.5rc1 instead of 7.6 that we're tracking in xorg-edgers which has some major problems right now.

    as I mentioned in the "Testing latest -intel in Ubuntu" thread, I set up another PPA besides xorg-edgers with what I consider more stable packages that I used for that test because xorg-edgers is tracking the absolute latest bleeding edge stuff which of course is prone to breaking.. this is just temporary until things stabilize a little more though.

    edit: here's an updated one with KMS/UXA also.
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