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Intel Releases SVT-AV1 1.0 For Speedy AV1 Video Encoding

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    Originally posted by Quackdoc View Post

    I would personally go with a lower preset, as at presets 4-6 is generally the sweet spot for svtav1 outside of realtime which would be 9+ when you pair it with crf which seems to give the best filesize:quality IMO.

    another neat trick of svtav1 is time based keyframes which is neato for batch encoding or VFR encoding.

    Opus isn't really the "best" it would be tied with the current AAC, also opus has issues with some 5.1 surround sound due to how channels work.
    Well for encoding speed, 6 is pretty slow and 4 is unreasonably slow. In comparison of 6 to 8, I just couldn't find much justification in using 6. At 8, the encoding goes even faster than HEVC.

    The documentation on FFmpeg's site does mention that it uses a keyframe interval of 2-3 seconds, and consider changing it up to 10. Though I wasn't really seeing much size difference by changing that.

    For the audio codec, even if they're about the same AAC is patent-encumbered which gives Opus the advantage. I haven't really tried Opus with 5.1 audio (which is quite rare outside of movies).