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Intel's Lead Developer Of Their Linux Vulkan Driver Has Left The Company

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    Sounds like intel didn't pay him enough and someone poached him.
    Intel pays competitively, and while there is always a chance that it was a (financial) offer he could not refuse, it is more likely it was a chance to work on something of interest.

    There are heaps of jobs in this space now.
    Especially for the well known highly qualified (and he is). From his post, he is excited to start his new position, and that is good for him.


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      The most obvious choices would be NVIDIA or AMD or Google, but we'll see in the weeks ahead as it could also be an organization like Red Hat.
      Heh, Imagination has open positions in their GPU driver team.

      That said, I expect the answer is probably Amazon.


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        He posted a patch today relating to Android support. Although that's likely meaningless, and he's been looking over other unrelated patch series too.