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Linux 2.6.30-rc2 Improves Intel Performance Some

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  • Linux 2.6.30-rc2 Improves Intel Performance Some

    Phoronix: Linux 2.6.30-rc2 Improves Intel Performance Some

    Since earlier today when looking at whether greedy migration heuristics help in improving Intel's 2D driver performance and how it compares to using UXA acceleration, we have run a couple more benchmarks. This time Canonical's Bryce Harrington was interested whether a new kernel improves Intel's performance. Found in the Linux 2.6.30-rc2 kernel release yesterday were a few Intel i915 DRM updates that could affect the system's graphics performance...

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    Well, even with latest drivers, those lame onboard graphics still cannot run 10 years old games at mediocre 800x600 resolution.


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      Originally posted by FunkyRider View Post
      Well, even with latest drivers, those lame onboard graphics still cannot run 10 years old games at mediocre 800x600 resolution.
      I disagree with you. Chipsets >=945 are perfectly capable of running 10 year old games at 800x600. It's 5 year old games that cannot run at 1024x768 that have the issue. I agree with your sentiment that they are underpowered when compared to discrete solutions and the competitions' IGPs.



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        i have sent my benchmark result with an intel 945gm with uxa on my dell laptop.

        i'm on ubuntu jaunty, with xorg crack pushers ppa (intel driver 2.6.99)

        i'm also using kernel 2.6.30 rc2 (seem to be faster than 2.6.29,as i was having front tiling buffer error with 2.6.29 but not with 2.6.30)

        result are faster than phoronix, but maybe it's the cpu difference.

        i'll try with exa and exa greedy to compare.




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          Linux 2.6.30-rc2 has dramatically imporved the 3D performance of the Intel video card. Do not just test on the 2D Performance. If you try glxgears, before it was 250FPS, and after, it is 1300FPS.

          Cool! That was absolutely a bug related to the Linux kernel.


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            i have sent EXA and EXA with greedy benchmark.

            UXA is faster than EXA on my 945gm with lastest intel driver.


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              This performance improvement can be got with 2.6.28 too using

              Due to stability improvements it was reverted, but you can patch your own kernel with it of course.


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                I applied the above patch to 2.6.29 on my Debian Sid system and I did see an improvement as well. Skyrockets screensaver and alien arena at 1024x768 will actually run about 5fps now.


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                  I compared the performance of alien arena on vista and linux 2.6.29 with this patch applied, and it's about 1/3 to 1/4 of of the performance of it's window counterpart. So improvement is coming along.


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                    How stable is the newest intel driver with 2.6.30 compared to the default in Jaunty?