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Intel Releases OSPray Studio 0.8

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  • Intel Releases OSPray Studio 0.8

    Phoronix: Intel Releases OSPray Studio 0.8

    One year ago to the day Intel announced OSPray Studio as a scene graph application for rendering glTF assets and other 3D models. OSPray Studio is built off their OSPray ray-tracing engine that they've been working on for years. These Intel efforts are all part of their oneAPI initiative and today happens to mark a shiny new feature release...

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    This looks pretty cool!

    I wonder if it is fast too, or if they can make it fast?
    Imagine if they could make it 60 FPS real-time rendering.


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      LOL. It's like someone read my rant in the Qt thread about all these demos using cars so they gave me a car, a picture of a car, the ass end of a car, a wheel from a car in the background, a picture of a rear spoiler, the very front tip of a car, and I think there's another car in the very farthest part of the bridge.



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        I can't seem to get ospray studio to work with my GPU. Is this only supposed to run on a CPU?