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Intel Poulsbo DRM Proposed, But Rejected

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    It works - at last!

    Actually yes - if you install the latest 2D and 3D ppa poulsbo drivers for jaunty and use the xorg.conf in the last post on this page:

    I recently bought the Dell Mini 12 (unfortunately the Vista version, ubuntu hadn't been offered yet) and have been trying to install various distros on it for quite a while but have had no success. Dell just started selling the Ubunutu version so the laptop should support it, but I can never get the installer to load X. I've been copying the image to a USB drive and booting from it. It loads, but when it goes to start X it stops and simply brings up the commmand prompt. Trying to start X

    You can now get accelerated GL/compiz working on your GMA500 without regular lock ups!

    Dunno about other distros - be good to hear if anyone has had any luck getting these drivers working with Debian, Arch, Gentoo or whatever.