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Crocus: Working On Gallium3D For Old Intel Graphics

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    This was interesting to read. Do you have any references to discussion about that firmware problem and Iris decision not to support it? I'd like to read more about it.

    Originally posted by oiaohm View Post

    This is not as straight forwards as you will think Leopard. Early Iris driver use to work with 7Gen and newer as in Ivy Bridge and newer. Current one will work with some Intel boards with Ivybridge and haswell but this is due to firmware. Odds of you having one of those boards is slim. But since Iris will work with Gen 7 and newer hardware under very particular conditions exposing all hardware features this does mean the Crocus work should absolute be able to make it work without those exact conditions.

    I cannot remember the exactly opengl feature that broken Iris from working on Gen 7 Ivy Bridge without a firmware workaround but it was also decided back then not to fix problem in general firmware or the Iris general driver because what is going classic driver now was supporting the hardware well enough back then. Hindsight from today says it was a bad choice. Back then it look like good optimisation of resources.

    So the statement that doesn't/cannot run with Iris is wrong. Ivy Bridge and Haswell can but the odds of you having a right motherboard with the right firmware so it will work is insanely slim to the point that winning the loto may be more likely. We are talking the intel branded reference motherboards here for embedded hardware developers there are insanely rare motherboards because not a lot of them were made and then if you find one you need the right firmware version on it. At least in this rare case that it will work makes the Crocus work back to at gen 7 absolutely possible without question as it been possible to try out how that hardware would behave with a Iris driver for those with the rare hardware.