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What to Expect from Dell XPS One desktop

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  • What to Expect from Dell XPS One desktop

    I am purchasing the Dell XPS One
    here's the link

    I'm getting a 24 inch version with the Intel GMA 4500 HD. Are there any issues I should expect when I put Ubuntu on it? I'm still a noob when it comes to Linux, because Ubuntu spoon feeds the user. I honestly have no interest in becoming elite. Therefore I'm worried that the first time I try to load up Ubuntu i'll get a black screen that I wont know what to do with. I'll troubleshoot it and get it working, but I'm curious as to what I should expect from installing Ubuntu on such a machine.

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    The experience for me on my G43-based motherboard (GMA X4500) was pretty flawless. 3D performance is very bad, but that'll improve a lot next month when Jaunty comes out.