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Fedora Workstation 33 Performing Very Well - Runs Past Clear Linux On Intel Tiger Lake Notebook

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    I created several VMs and I was quite surprised that btrfs outperformed xfs and ext4. I have been a RH/Fedora user since RH 7.x but I have to admit that ArchLinux cleaned Fedora's clock in many ways. I am too ingrained with the rpm system to convert to pacman but it is tempting.

    The problem with Clear Linux is the awful packaging system - "bundles." It makes absolutely no sense at all to me to have to install stuff that are not dependencies and that I don't want to get stuff I need.


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      Originally posted by MadCatX View Post

      That doesn't really matter when one is concerned about relative performance difference between distros. The results strongly suggest that F33 is doing something different about power management here. It'd be very interesting to see CPU clocks and power consumption too.
      it maters since the result is just usecase relevant.

      It could even be just a tigerlake fluke.


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        Mick did say it's a turnaround for Fedora to win on the Tiger Lake. What makes it interesting is Intel's own distro was beat by Red Hat's.


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          Good job, those are some MASSIVE gaps if this isn't some power management error or something.