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Some Older Intel Tablets Finally Seeing Working Touchscreen With Linux 5.7

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  • Some Older Intel Tablets Finally Seeing Working Touchscreen With Linux 5.7

    Phoronix: Some Older Intel Tablets Finally Seeing Working Touchscreen With Linux 5.7

    While Intel's open-source Linux hardware support is extremely good even in time for launch day of not only for their server / data center products but also desktop and mobile platforms, occasionally there are exceptions. One of the biggest exceptions over the past decade has been the Bay Trail support sometimes taking years to see fixes or finishing up areas of the support. The latest example of this is some Intel Bay Trail and Cherry Trail tablets finally seeing working/reliable touchscreen support on Linux 5.7...

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    Is it me or are the touch panels in some of those tablets garbage?

    I had this Bay Trail tablet with a Silead touchscreen, and when I tested it, the pointer would shake desperately.

    Plus typing on it was impossible, often with the cursor moving from one side to the other when typing fast.


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      Good to hear. I have one with a Silead too and it has the ghost input problem .... By the way, is there a known way to fix it? because the device is more or less useless with that problem.
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        I tossed out those Bay Trail tablets ages ago. Acer, Asus, and a bunch of Best Buy (Digiland) generics. They were made so cheaply to offset that expensive CPU. They all fell apart.

        The last Acer I had lasted till about 14 months ago, Most of them had bad regulators and would stop charging. One had a bum lithium-poly battery and AliExpress wanted more to replace it than the tablet was worth and so it got tossed. I tried to convert one to a wall mounted home automation controller but it wouldn't work right post root, so I let it all go.

        They were junk.


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          I still have one of those tablets sitting on my bookshelf. Haven't powered it on in a few years. It was fine at the time - used it for a couple of college classes. But then I was given a Samsung tablet that ran circles around it. I ought to see if the battery will work at all and if there are any distros that will install on it, just for kicks.


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            I am using Cherry Trail tablet with Goodix touchscreen (that one where I am testing GNOME 3 "performance") And it is working surprisingly well in terms of hardware for me even being 5 years old. The only 2 issues was sound (fixed in 5.0 iirc) and touchscreen which I was fixing with custom DKMS module built from scratch.