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Intel Graphics Regressions In Ubuntu 9.04?

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    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    BTW I miss the PTS compare url in the article. Would like to do a G31 test lenny vs. jaunty 64 bit.
    I would like to see the result when you've done that test (and of course, put the result here.)


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      I am experiencing this with 9.04 - upgraded last Friday and now my laptop takes 15 seconds to repaint the desktop coming from the screensaver (which takes 15 seconds after a key-press to show the password dialog). I keep getting the "app is not responding - Wait/Force Quit?" dialog and my load average is insanely high. Damn. Even tried reverting to the 2.4 driver, no cigar.

      Bummer... hope a fix comes out quickly :|


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        There are suggested fixes in the Ubuntu Forums - including changing some driver settings up to upgrading the kernel/driver/etc..


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          Originally posted by chaos386 View Post
          I installed Jaunty Alpha 4 the other day, and with the latest packages (plus libsdl from a PPA to fix a bug with OpenGL), the 3D performance on my X4500 has improved massively over 8.10. Tremulous has gone from ~13 fps to 56.6 fps!
          Finally got around to benching the final version of 9.04 (upgraded from 8.10, not a clean install. No special settings in xorg.conf), and it averaged 76.9 fps this time! Quite an improvement, I'd say. Games through Wine and my closed-source Linux games still don't work, but I'm glad to see the invasive driver work is starting to pay off.