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Intel UXA Acceleration Performance

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  • Intel UXA Acceleration Performance

    Phoronix: Intel UXA Acceleration Performance

    Subsequent to the introduction of the Graphics Execution Manager earlier this year, Intel had introduced a new acceleration architecture. UXA, or the UMA Acceleration Architecture, was developed as a temporary solution based upon the EXA architecture but with support for the kernel-driven GEM memory management. How though does the UXA performance compare to that of EXA? In this article we have ran some benchmarking looking at the Intel graphics performance.

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    Well at least something is working right.

    What would be most interesting is to see the relative performance in composited desktops. Since the 2D stuff maps directly to GEM objects does that mean that it avoids a lot of the 'texture to pixmap' stuff that has to go on or anything like that?


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      I know this isn't much in the way of intelligent discussion, but those graphs make me happy.

      To a bright and glorious future! In other news, Linus fixed The Elusive Resume Fail Bug.


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        I found Xserver 1.6's EXA speed with Radeon cards already to be on par with what we know from MS Windows, it will be insane with those improvements...