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Intel To Work On AV1 Decoding Support, FFmpeg / GStreamer Plugins

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    Originally posted by LinAGKar View Post

    Except comparing the performance without looking at the quality is extremely misleading. You could probably make the claim that x264 is slower than SVT-AV1 by setting it to placebo.
    I don't disagree with you. Quality matters.

    I think Michael is testing relative performance.

    Same video file transcoded at this rate on this CPU takes "X". An objective measure.

    Depending on the way the output is displayed, the quality may vary in a subjective manner.

    My comment was to say that Phoronix is not setup to measure subjectives.


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      If Phoronix is set up to test video encoding/transcoding performance, it's set up to test also its quality.

      Just ask FFmpeg to tell it, and pick the average value:
      • PSNR: ffmpeg -i <input file> -i <encoding result> -filter_complex psnr -f null -
      • SSIM: ffmpeg -i <input file> -i <encoding result> -filter_complex ssim -f null -
      (You can also ask ffmpeg to provide both at the same time.)

      When measuring video (encoding throughput) performance, all of:
      • frame-rate
      • quality
      • bit-rate
      Are relevant. FFmpeg outputs bitrate at the same time it gives FPS, it's just another value to parse from the same line.