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Intel Xe Graphics Being Part Of The First US Exascale Supercomputer Is Great For Linux

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    Originally posted by sireangelus View Post
    no the question is how long can power9 stay relevant on hpc when there is x86.
    X86 is not suitable for the market that Power9 super computers make up. Requirement open hardware inspect-able silicon design is a requirement of that sub set of the super computer market. Currently this is a fight between Sparc based and Power 9 based cpus with risc-v based in future. This is roughly 4 percent of the super computer market that has this requirement. So 96-97 percent of the market where x86 is in super computer is basically totally saturated.


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      Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
      I suspect the folks at Fujitsu will argue with you. ... one can easily design ARM architecture supporting chips that are suitable
      Indeed Fujitsu has done just that. The post-K computer being built in Japan by Fujitsu is an ARMv8.2-A architecture with variable length SIMD instrucitons (SVE, Scalable Vector Extensions) that they specifically designed for HPC. See for the A64FX chip.