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Intel Launches Its 9th Gen Coffeelake-S CPUs Led By The Core i9 9900K

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    Originally posted by carewolf View Post
    And Intel is embargoing independent reviewers from reviewing it, to give their commisioned scam reviews a chance to spread misinformation first: Intel's New Low: Commissioning Misleading Core i9-9900K Benchmarks

    Repeat after me - Mafia Never Stops, with a help of gremlins or kamikazes they are unbeatable. Reviewers should just do their job, that is to review and let mafia pump subconsciousness in harassment-free way
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      Forbes is also ripping on Intel for the bogus benchmarks. Ryzen settings were purposely suppressed. XMP setting and Gaming Mode to name a couple.

      They said the bad part was embargoing everyone except the one they paid for, which they found was wrong.

      I will wait for some PTS results.


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        Originally posted by edwaleni View Post
        They said the bad part was embargoing everyone except the one they paid for, which they found was wrong.
        Might be that Intel do that, so that reviewers have a clear reference example so that reviewers have something to compare their own results with. Problem is, seems no one get that much difference Of course, they should speak publicly when such thing also publicly happens

        But no as i see, Intel responded to Forbes and seems they are expecting this

        UPDATE: Intel PR emailed me the following response to this situation:
        "We are deeply appreciative of the work of the reviewer community and expect that over the coming weeks additional testing will continue to show that the 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900K is the world’s best gaming processor. Principled Technologies conducted this initial testing using systems running in spec, configured to show CPU performance and has published the configurations used. The data is consistent with what we have seen in our labs, and we look forward to seeing the results from additional third party testing in the coming weeks."

        Meanwhile, seems no one knows what Intel's "in spec" means

        I have asked Intel to consider having these results removed and for Principled Technologies to retest using systems that are truly running "in spec."
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          The Forbes update is here:

          While the author is giving the testers some latitude based on their response, he clearly insinuates that they don't know how to setup an AMD system.

          Honestly AMD is getting the good PR here. All they have to do is sit back and watch Intel's shills screw up. It may satisfy the Wall Street types who need a headline to protect their positions in Intel.


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            With an absurd 265 watt TDP, fewer memory channels and a lot fewer PCIe lanes, I doubt many folks will be foolish enough to select this Xeon W-3175X over the AMD EPYC. Or even the new 32 core Threadripper. I'd be willing to bet the price tag of this "frightened knee-jerk panic" chip is even more preposterous than its global warming TDP.

            And look at the mobos required for this desperate abomination - they have *TWO* 24 pin ATX connectors plus *FOUR* 8-pin ATX 12v connectors. How do you even power such a thing?

            Edit: even the most expensive 1600w power supplies on new egg have only a single 24-pin ATX, and two 8-pin ATX12v power connectors. So it seems this mobo requires two power supplies??
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