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UHD Graphics 620: Slow But Who Is Slower? Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Graphics

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  • UHD Graphics 620: Slow But Who Is Slower? Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Graphics

    Phoronix: UHD Graphics 620: Slow But Who Is Slower? Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Graphics

    The latest hardware at Phoronix for testing is the Dell XPS 13.3-inch (XPS9370) with Intel Core i7-8550U Kabylake-R processor featuring UHD Graphics 620. A number of interesting Linux benchmarks are currently being worked on, including Windows versus various Linux distribution performance tests as well as power consumption, etc. For some initial figures for your viewing pleasure this weekend are some of the gaming/graphics tests between Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux.

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    So only the Unigine benchmarks were noticeably slower on Linux. Kind of looking forward to seeing what Intel's dedicated graphics performance will be like. 2020 will be a good year for computer hobbyists; looks like RAM prices will have come down by then, Intel's new graphics card, and I think 802.11ax will have been released by then.


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      I just bought an HP 430 G5 with an 8250u and the legendary 620 graphics, interesting article, thanks for writing it up, my unit is on par with yours, at least for Unigine Valley.


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        I have found my HD520 (which is almost exactly an UHD620, just clocked 15% lower) stutters on windows, (this was on Talos Principle), and runs a lot smoother on Linux. Hence the game was playable on Linux, but not Windows.
        I can play most games at a dropped resolution & quality.


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          What BIOS version are you running? The latest versions have serious issues with throttling:
          (that is me)


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            Michael If you have time, could you test the performance between BIOS version 1.2.1 and 1.4.0?


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              I have this machine since february and nothing but problems. Bluetooth dies multiple times a day. Sometimes after suspend, sometimes when I'm working.

              There is a long thread here:

              The mainboard already got replaced but it seems to be a firmware issue. Dell does not react to this problem and the suppord just told me: you bought with Ubuntu so you have an unsupported system.

              This is hilarious as I bought a Linux machine so I can have support. This situation is horrible I have to say.

              Each Firmware Update brings new issues and fixes some others. This was also the case with the XPS 9550 that I also owned.

              Dell gets praised because the ship Linux machines but the problems are sometimes unacceptable. I did the mistake 2 times - hope this gets some recognition.


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                Admittedly I've only had my HP430 G5 ( ,for $579 at Newegg a couple of days but I've had NO problems, it sleeps and wakes up fine, it's a dandy machine, even though it's an HP.

                Michael would you mind doing some dual vs single channel benchmarks?

                The 430 G5 goes off sale nine hours from the time of this reply.