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X4500, fonctionality and performance

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    > However, the bad thing is that you need to buy vi$ta with this thing. See if you can find a cheaper model without windows vista, or try to refuse windows eula and get a refund, or keep it if you like windows.

    Personally I would steer away from laptops that don't have a option for pre-installed Linux.

    There are just to many niggling details in power management/ACPI, wifi, media buttons, and that sort of thing that make trying to support Linux a huge PITA.

    For example the Nvidia chipset and Nvidia GPU pretty much mean that getting suspend-to-ram is going to be very difficult and may be impossible, and reduced power management support and reduced battery life. This may or may not be worth the tradeoff in performance, but I'd avoid getting a nvidia chipset anyways and get a laptop with Intel chipset and nvidia discrete gpu.

    And what is the wifi? I know it's not going to be Intel, which just needs a firmware binary to work. I doubt it's ralink or atheros.. it's probably going to be Broadcom... which means that it's going to be a piece of shit in Linux.

    See this for details:


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      Looks like System76 has some Laptops that are using x4500 graphics.. I don't know how well they run but System76 generally does a good job supporting it's hardware.

      Also they have a few laptops with discrete Nvidia graphics that would make decent graphical workstations.