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HDCP 2.2 Content Protection Being Worked On For The i915 DRM Driver

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    Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
    DRM is not and has never been about security...

    It also does not limit your freedom per-se. It's just an extension of the will of the content provider, and you are not forced to buy that content by any means.
    I know that DRM is not about security or at least my security
    DRM does limit my freedom when enabled.
    I am not buying anymore any games or media with DRM, I got burned in the past even though I bought it legally from original source.


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      Originally posted by neop1x View Post
      Worst case one can always intercept signals to the LCD panel - it would need to be re-encoded but most content consumers won't notice big difference. It's pointless. Maybe it will satisfy publisher managers and they will approve more content to distributed these new online ways, that would be good, otherwise it's pointless. But as long as it doesn't have to run untrusted big bloatware spying on my computing all the time, I don't care.
      It's certainly possible to buy boxes from China which present themselves as HDCP-compliant displays and then output a decoded HDMI signal... that doesn't change the fact that you need to pass an encrypted bytestream from the BluRay to the ME and then from the ME out the HDMI port.

      In fact, if I remember the architecture correctly, you get better performance that way because you're offloading the BluRay decryption to a processor that would otherwise be sitting idle.