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  • Ubuntu: add support for...

    AMD Linux Catalyst
    Distribution Packaging Script Commit:

    Ubuntu: add support for blacklisting card ids from GRUB gfxpayload=keep In Natty gfxpayload=keep is set by default so as to provide a framebuffer early in the boot process. Some cards don't play nicely with it, therefore we need to blacklist them in a file. The format is a sequence of lines of the following form: vVENDORdDEVICEsvSUBVENDORsdSUBDEVICEbcBASECLASSscS UBCLASS Blacklist lines are regex-matched against a corresponding PCI ID string. In practice this means that you can replace any part of the ID string with .* to match anything. Note: The blacklist only works in Natty, where the "grub-gfxpayload-lists" package is available. It has no effect whatsoever in previous Ubuntu releases.