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AMD Radeon Linux FAQ - does it exist?

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  • AMD Radeon Linux FAQ - does it exist?

    I haven't been able to find an up-to-date AMD Radeon Linux FAQ that covers all of the driver options available. I think this is badly needed now as not only do we have multiple X drivers for Radeon users but we also have multiple Vulkan and multiple OpenCL drivers available. How do they differ and interact? Which hardware supports which drivers? What does the future hold for the different drivers etc.

    I'm not looking for indepth answers that a driver developer may be looking for, just how to get the best out of my Radeon under Linux as a normal user who is also interested in GPGPU and OpenCL stuff.

    I really don't know much about Radeon Linux, I've only just recently got my RX580. I'll help how I can to put this together but it really needs someone who does know their stuff about Radeon under Linux to take the lead.

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    Recent phoronix articles answers your question and in YouTube are many Amd graphics related videos. Normal users should use the open source driver, OpenCL users amdgpu-pro. How to use the open source driver, see the second message:


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      I have been periodically updating a sticky thread at the top of the "Open-source AMD Linux" forum:

      I started another update recently but so much had changed from the original 2007 state that I was not able to come up with something that cleanly explained current state without appearing to "rewrite history" by eliminating the earlier information.

      What I concluded was that I should leave the initial post pretty much as-is other than making it clear that it described 2007 state, and then add a link to a fresh summary at the end of the thread. Something like that...