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AMD Releases AMDGPU-PRO Beta Driver For Mining / Compute Customers

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  • AMD Releases AMDGPU-PRO Beta Driver For Mining / Compute Customers

    Phoronix: AMD Releases AMDGPU-PRO Beta Driver For Mining / Compute Customers

    AMD this week has quietly released an updated AMDGPU-PRO 14.40 hybrid driver targeting mining and GPGPU compute Linux customers...

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    14.40? Wow, this mining driver was held secret for so long! (it's actually a typo)


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      For rocm to be competative, it needs asm optimizations since rocm doesn't seem to produce vega specific instructions like add3.

      There seems to be more optimization possible with ethminer.


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        GPU mining is for wimps. By now real people do the mining on other people's browsers via JavaScript.
        (One more reason for tools like NoScript...)

        Well, I don't really like all this mining hype and I guess one day this bubble might burst. But for the recent months it kept GPU prices unnaturally high and availability low. Even the "not-so-numbercrunchy" models like the RX 560 were affected.
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          It's not a question of "if" the bubble will burst, it's a question of "when" it'll do that. We've known for months that it's at the very least going to "deflate" by the end of the year as difficulty increases kill profitability step by step everywhere except where electricity is very cheap or where people can siphon electricity from someone else (heard of more than one mining farm set up in places like college dorm rooms where electricity is included in the rent).

          Not that a crash isn't possible, the current GPU-mineable "currencies" really are just monopoly money for adults. Unlike bitcoin, which hasn't been GPU-mineable for years, they haven't found any killer apps like the narcotics trade, money laundering or cryptolocker ransom payments. The closest they've gotten is being used for subverting China's financial regulations on moving money out of the country (which is actually pretty strict), but that's something bitcoin still has most of the market for.
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            Ssheesh. Don't bother with GPUs. I'm using an Avalon 741 ASIC and only grossing about $6 per day mining with Less $2.50 for power = appx $3.50 per day. J