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mythtv & fglrx: exeptions with GL painter

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  • mythtv & fglrx: exeptions with GL painter

    Hi *

    Maybe somebody have idea where to look for solution:

    I have nasty issue with fglrx drivers under myth.

    HW is AMD780G (HD3200), Xorg7.3, Myth-021-fixes-18666. I tested fglrx 8.7/8.8/8.9 and 8.10

    Issue is that for for GL painter I'm always receiving exception in mythtv when I'm reaching UI screen with GL transition and before was Xv playback.
    In other words: entering UI GL transition causes myth exception if before was Xv playback.

    Switching painter to Qt solves problem - so issue is GL related.

    In my setup I'm using Xorg's libGL library, as with fglrx libGL lib I have vvveeerrryyy slow GL painting.
    Do You believe it is critical to use fglrx's libGL ?.
    If so, in Your opinion, what reason might be for such vvveeerrryyy slow GL painting with fglrx derived libGL library ?


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    This can be of various sources, however have you tried viewing the mythtv web page about the proprietary driver?