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Yes, Catalyst 8.10 Is Out There

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    Ok installed the the test suite 1.2 and tested lightsmark... Works in no way correctly....

    First when choosing native size 1920x1200... you have a don't know what to call... boxes of few pixels thick colours in more boxes patterned all over the screen, making unrecognisable or what it might be in any way.

    when choosing some other than native resolution I get it boxed to the left top corner from the screen going right and down to it's resolution size and I can see my desktop around where the benchmark isn't running. But the benchmark flickers back and forth between my desktop and what it should show. But I can see in what the test is showing the things or effects it should show are not working.. you basically only get a light showing parts off a pitch black room. The most basic light effect? HDR, radiosity etc don't show anything else but the most basic light.
    wait.. I tested again whit 800x600 and this time the effects worked.. hmm.. ok I ran the test again and now it didn't work... Something seriously not working as it should! I tested whit compiz running and switching to metacity didn't help either, same thing.

    Now also tested Warsow benchmark. There atleast I get fullscreen whit each resolution but I get that random patterns graphics that you can't make anything out from whit the short lines in rows and boxes. The benchmark does still run and you hear the game going and the benchmark completed in the end and gave me a result. 1920x1200 Warsow performed 60.80fps on my computer with the HD3200 and catalyst 8.10, phenom 9750, 4Gb 800Mhz 2T

    Unigine Sanctuary 1920x1200 gave me laughing 3.88FPS and same fullscreen mess. 800x600 gave me 28.19fps but same thing otherwise. can't see anything coherent.
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      Anyone knows it there is any performance review for this or even 8.09, in linux ?
      Had Ati (9800se) lots of problems, new system to nvidia 7900gs. Now having this nvidia and no issues. Now considering a newer system, with amd 790gx/fx and a hd4850 i would like to know if it is a good choise (main system a linux one ) but don't wanna remember old times ...
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