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Debian 9 released

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  • Debian 9 released


    With the released of Debian 9 (stretch), I propose a discussion about our experience both with the open-source graphics drivers that are included with the distribution (amdgpu) as well as closed-source drivers (amdgpu-pro).

    As for me I haven't installed and tested Debian 9 yet, I'll update this space when this happens.

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    There is not much to discuss about, Amd open source driver is better for the majority of the Amd graphics Linux users.

    When you install Debian stretch, change the stretch repository to testing. Then you have up to date system and you can use Oibaf and Padoka ppas. If you use Debian stable it will break when using packages from testing, unstable and experimental. With Debian stable you end up using years old buggy software.
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      Downgrade X to get AMDGPU-PRO working.
      Downgrade X even more to get FGLRX working.
      Thank AMD for their "great" X versions blob support over decade or so.
      Upgrade drivers by compiling them.
      Don't listed debianxfce he is a troll.
      Wait for backports.

      I think i covered the matter

      And well stick to default drivers, if everything is fine for you that is what should most use isn't it Otherwise if you look very very closer you will find problem in any of them
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