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Ryzen problem in linux. Ubuntu kylin, ubuntu, ubuntu gnome.

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  • Ryzen problem in linux. Ubuntu kylin, ubuntu, ubuntu gnome.
    Hello people i have the following problem that you see in the image. There is no way you can use a new version of linux without being linux mint 18.1.
    At the same time in linux mint eh tried to use any kernel greater than 4.4.0-78 or skip to 4.10, 4.11 but without success.

    Amd ryzen 1700, gigabyte ax370 gaming 5.

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    I'd say you are definitely going to have to get a newer kernel running. And even if you manage to make a 4.4 series one work, it's not likely to work as well as a newer one.

    And it's not really a good idea to become an early adopter in hardware if you insist on running "stable" distros that stick with (somewhat) old kernels - 4.4 isn't even the latest LTS version of the kernel anymore. Otherwise you're going to encounter this type of issue a lot more often.

    What problem did you have trying to run a newer kernel on your Mint install? Your screenshot is for 4.4? Or is the screenshot the problem you have with a newer kernel?