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linux-amd-staging 4.9 question

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  • linux-amd-staging 4.9 question

    Hello I am running antergos / arch with the mesa-git repo. The linux-amd-staging 4.9 was the only kernel with the freesync bits to run my LG display at 75hz and get proper refresh rate without frame skipping on gnome. Since the last kernel build in the mesa-git repo it panics and looses the screen (build before worked). I guess it is not really a good idea to run the the freesync bits on a development branche? Is it better to downgrade to xorg 1.18 and build amdgpu-pro 16.60?

    attached is a pastebin with dmesg grep amdgpu

    This is on 2 fury x's with the latest uefi firmware from amd