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rx470 + dell up2715k

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  • rx470 + dell up2715k

    Good day to everybody,

    I'm the (almost) happy owner of Dell UP2715k.

    This is 5k monitor. It should be connected using 2 DP cables.
    My problem is that it does not work on 5k resolution. The best what I was able to achieve is 4k (3840 x 2160)

    I have 2 amd cards

    1. R5 230
    2. RX 470 (it costed $240 to me... )

    The R5 230 results.

    Ubuntu 14.04.
    When it is installed without amd catalyst. System is able to see one monitor with 2560x1440 screen resolution and one with something like 848x480 (the last one is not displayed physically by the monitor, but I see in system properties where displays are configured).

    When it is installed with amd catalyst. System is able to see 2 monitors with resolution 2560x2880 each (it is right). This is the closest result to success. But I was not able to configure xinerama or xrandr (I did not spend too much time for xinerama though). For xrandr I was trying to create mode manually, but I didnt achieve any results. Unfortunatelly, I didnt save my tryes. But I will be happy to repeat if somebody is interested.

    RX 470 does not work under 14.04. Or I do something in wrong way.

    The RX 470 results:
    Ununtu 16.04
    When installed without amdgpu pro: system is able to see one monitor with screen resolution 2560x1440.
    When installed with amdgpu pro: System is able to see one monitor with screen resolution 3840 x 2160 and one monitor with 848x480 screen resolution. The second screen is not displayed by monitor physically, but I see it in configuration tool

    This is the best working result which I was able to achieve.

    1. Is it a bug, missing feature or missing configuration?
    If it's a bug I would like to post bug report somewhere. But i'm not sure where: amdgpu-pro, amdgpu, xorg, ubuntu? I suppose most likely amdgpu-pro should address this. People talking here are some amd guys, one of whom is @bridgeman. Could you guys take a look on the question if you will have a minute for it please.

    2. Any ideas? Any kind of workarounds, settings to try?

    Thank you,