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Issues with performance x4 860k + RX 470

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    Originally posted by hxfhjkl View Post
    games like shadowrun, which has a port on android! Shadowrun runs on smartphones and i can't max that game out.
    Thing is, altough that Shadowrun is unity engine game, it likely uses something else than desktop GL i guess GLES on android, it is likely on lower resolution and probably is not maxed out on android I have that game GoG version and played it a bit on low power APU even AFAIR, didn't spot much slowness but i didn't maxed it out too... so might look what is so slow there.

    And Talos benchmark scene does not show that there are sometimes 4 times slower areas in the game , i played that several times including Gehenna... blah, i have it on PS4 it runs there on somewhat mid/high settings combo, certainly it is not maxed out what some OC Xeon/Titan X users on PC would like to do
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