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  • HTPC Problems

    Hi guys, I've pulled my HTPC project from the dust again to try and get it to work.

    My HD 2600 Pro (using the ati driver, radeonhd crashes for some reason) seems to have a problem with my TV, I'm using a DVI to HDMI converter connected to DVI-0 (lower connector) and the TV seems to lose sync (screen flashing and going black sometimes).

    I tried different modelines, setting the refresh from the EDID detected [email protected] to a custom entered [email protected] seems to help, but the picture is still not stable. When I use the other DVI connector the picture goes black as soon as the radeon driver loads.

    Tried a nvidia fx 3500 and that one works perfect with the same dvi2hdmi and tv combo.

    Is there something I can do?

    [edit]Cr*p! wrong forum, sorry guys! Can a mod move my thread?[/edit]
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