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What is the status of HD4870 on 64-bit linux?

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  • What is the status of HD4870 on 64-bit linux?

    I'm putting up the list of components to build a new computer. I'm still at a toss when it comes to screencard. I have two ATI cards on the old computers and they have been very troublesome. So this time I thought NVIDIA, but then ATI decides to help open source driver development...

    My usage: Video editing, watching DVD, OpenGl 3D apps/games, and normal usage. So I want 2D, 3D and good video viewing system. No Blue Ray.

    My system degin so far: Intel C2D Q9550, Gigabyte X48 motherboard, 4Gb RAM, 750W Thermaltake PSU, Radeon HD4870 (or NVIDIA 8800GTX). And the screen I have now is an LG Flatron wide with 1440x900

    OS to be used: Ubuntu 8.04 or better 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit (only for games)

    What is the status on the fglrx driver for HD4870? Does it work or is it a toss of a coin? My last experience with it for x1650 pro gave black screen and locked system.

    Can I expect something working out of the box?

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    My system is:
    C2D E6750, Asus P5K-VM, 6 Gb Ram, Corsair VX550, Acer X243W.

    It's a lot easier to setup and enjoy a 8800GT than 4870.
    The Ati 4870 is more advanced card, but today is pretty hard to setup correctly and performs worse than the 8800GT.
    You have a powerful CPU, so you will not notice the 2D slowness of the Nvidia card; I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 at the moment and I like the performance in Gnome; I tried KDE 4.1 today and it's true that there are slow moments and sometimes corruption of a menu (using latest beta drivers), but the issues that I got with 4870 while installing/gaming/video are horrible.


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      Thanks! I'll go for a 8800GT(X) and get an ATI later if I want crossfire. Not getting nForce chipset mobo...