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AMD Catalyst 8.8 Linux Driver

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    Originally posted by Melcar View Post
    Warsow segfaults also. Add that to the list.
    Great news man...

    Anyone else?


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      I just forgotten to add a very important missing thing...

      Still no support for Xorg 7.4!


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        Video tearing status anyone? Also a Xpress 200 status report with this driver?


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          Glad to hear about plans to fix Wine problems..

          As for me, it would be better to fix 2D/Video first..

          Who has real need in OverDrive under Linux, today?... The option is useless at all, considering that most apps will never reach the card's factory-defined potential, and the X1600 owner will have the same flickering/tearing as the X4870, if not even software acceleration... Why we need OverDrive under all these conditions? ;-)

          Please, please make 2D/Video usable first! Firefox should scroll smoothly, and Video should play smoothly(at least with Desktop Effects OFF). The same with windows resizing/moving/minimizing/etc.. These all are the Basics! And these all are told in every new Catalyst's release article's discussions...


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            Originally posted by rampage7 View Post
            I've not tested 8.8 yet, but with 8.7 KDE4 with enabled composite (opengl or xrender) is unusable. Maximizing window takes more than one second on radeon 4850 and [email protected],2GHz.

            So why all people telling only about nvidia poor 2d performance? Nvidia is at least usable on geforce8 and above cards. ATI - not.
            I don't know, I really don't know.
            Nvidia, with their latest beta drivers, find a solution for this problem but ATI don't or maybe they can't.

            I'm very very disappointed


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              me too, I want 2D and Xvideo sync fixed FIRST.

              who cares about crossfire support when you can't play a simple with xv video ?


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                Crossfire? Com'on, who in the right mind, aware of the elementary problems with the drivers and the level of support we are getting, would buy two ati cards?

                I bought my HD3850 (just one, mind you ) after reading encouraging articles about ati/amd on I've been around since 8.6 release. That's three releases from then, none being able to fix the most elematary of things: video tearing, wine problems and 0.3 (that's one redraw every three seconds... if you're lucky) framerate when resizing windows with compositing and, yes, I got quite used to killing X server instead of logging out of the session and risking a complete freeze.

                On the dev side there are some queer bugs in GLSL, that make the program behave differently, alphabetically depending on the names of your uniform varables (I wish no enemies of mine such cruel punishment as debugging something like that).

                I am dissapointed.


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                  two things:
                  with my 3870 2d with KDE4.1 and desktop effects enabled are A LOT better than with my 8600GT. Not good, but better. So while AMD is bad, Nvidia is worse.

                  second: I solved the freezing problem in ut2004 and xv:
                  nopat as kernel option.

                  The difference between 8.7 and 8.8: 8.7 disabled PAT, 8.8 enabled PAT. With PAT disabled all jerkiness is gone.


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                    seems that nvidia hasn''t got its act together either.


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                      Originally posted by energyman View Post
                      two things:
                      with my 3870 2d with KDE4.1 and desktop effects enabled are A LOT better than with my 8600GT. Not good, but better. So while AMD is bad, Nvidia is worse.
                      Please try with 177.6 beta driver.
                      Take a look here: and here

                      The difference between NVidia and ADM is NVidia gives you hope, AMD gives you nothing, if you dare to post an issue about their 2d performance on their "high level of technical support and easy of navigation" ( they will tell you to look on your ati box and see if there is any Linux support.

                      Please don't tell me NVidia is worse !