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ATI mobility 3470 + linux ?

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  • ATI mobility 3470 + linux ?

    How to install Ati mobility 3470 on linux? there are no drivers on Ati web for mobility version...:/

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    I think that there may be only one installer for all ati cards on linux. That is found at link below. This link is for Catalyst 8.7.

    Many people have trouble with this when using programs like mythtv, wine, etc. If that is case for you, see if catalyst 8.5 will work.

    From the above link, you can see a link for previous versions which points to:

    But, seems like if you click on 8.5 from this it simply redirects you to current. Weird because the 8.3 link and 8.4 link both work. The 8.5 link does not. You'll have to read up and see the earliest version that supports your card and try that. 8.5 is the latest that works for me with the onboard graphics 780g (hd3200).


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      Well, last time I used 9.5, my wine broke really badly with backtraces pointing to or something along those lines. Try both 9.5 and 9.7. 9.4 will most likely work for you too.