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    Ok, So I see the benchmarks for two 4870's in crossfire. My main issue is that to get the performance level the 4870x2 hits, it uses 2 procs compared to the GTX 280's single processor. The crossfire support in Linux only covers 3 games (opengl/3d) right now, or did I read that wrong ?
    It seems that the extra cost of the 4870x2 doesn't (yet) justify it's purchase over a single proc 4870. I'd rather spend less money on a roughly equivalent card that plays all opengl games faster, not just 3 games. Is there any indication that they can provide a switch in the next drivers that would allow crossfire for any/all opengl games ? I'll wait for the 4870x2 benchmarks, hopefully a few extras (not just the 3 supported opengl games) will be tested to see if there are any benefits at all over the single 4870.