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What Do You Hope To See Out Of Today's Expected Catalyst Linux Update?

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    Lots of changes in the radeon code (assume you're talking about the X driver ?):

    Where are you looking for documentation ?


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      :-) How funny. This link is reference #1 in the radeon man page. The cgit interface is reference #2. I actually did go to the cgit page, but I didn't notice that the 'master' branch was updated recently; I read the first branch and didn't quite understand, so I went back to the wiki page, which is just out of date, I guess.


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        I just began to use Linux -mint 17, now 17.2 Mate in august 2014-because i like the idea and never did like windows. I came to windows from apple/mac only out of need for value and selection so i could build my own and family computers. I liked windows7 enough after it got itself together with the AMD catalyst driver and control center-it was a nightmare for me at first. I use all amd parts ,but, as others mentioned am seriously considering my next gpu to be nvidia and possibly motherboard and processor -intel? i shudder , but that is the way the market looks for now .
        I had hoped that AMD would see Linux as a great market potential and that the installation of drivers and functionality of the ccc features would become more attractive , but no. I am very enthusiastic about Linux Mint for now but i have tried out a couple of others lately but trying to make the AMD driver updates work smoothly , or work at all has occupied lots of time and extended my patience parameters to the limits, and beyond i think.
        I put in kernel 4.0.5 a couple of weeks ago at the same time i moved from Mint17.1 to 17.2. I lost the fglrx totally and booted to a black screen after having it working successfully for 7months on my 2 screen amd fx8120. gigabyte board ga990fxa ud3 and sapphire 7950 OC boost 925 through an onkyo 608 and a samsung 2430h /LG42ld550. i played my iso movies , public domain videos from my western digital home cloud or nas whatever they are calling them now. it worked from as soon as i connected with Linux, everything about Linux worked out of the box , but not the AMD drivers fglrx. but I had to try because they were supposed to be able to maximize my gpu . not really, i have found
        I just got the debian installer for last week's AMD catalyst 15.5 or was it only 15.2 for linux -i had installed 15.7beta in my windows7 for the same dual boot set up -took me 5mins including reboot, worked perfectly first go. i hve been a few hours to get the debian easy to install from the AMD site. cant get any graphic interface in the menu, must access the catalyst interface via the terminal 'amdcccle' but need 'sudo' to make anything work, then re boot a few times and still not be able to get the panel on the proper desktop monitor, need a few more reboots,then, maybe.? I am intrepid, have time am nearly 70 and have more 'spare time' than some.
        but, i have to say, after being forced into using the xorg amd free driver for a week or so after bumping up to the 4.0.5kernel, i liked it fairly well for basic things, it began to fall short in areas for games though. not going to use Linux for things i had hoped for. windows7 x64 professional works just great. i hate to say this. and, parenthetically, i have been using the windows 10 tech preview since it was offered. and i do not like it, hoped to be able to sever ties with all things microsoft and wean down off windows7
        not yet anyway
        just my new Linux observations on this topic after a few days with the "new" AMD installer for Linux/ubuntu